Foreign Investors

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Queensland is a popular choice for foreign property investors for a range of reasons.
Cayman Properties is your gateway to all services for entering into property investment including property listings, legal and financial services, and property management.
Cayman Properties recommends solicitors and tax advisors who specialise in looking after our foreign investors.

Features for buying property in Queensland for foreign investors include:

  1. Education – A property located near schools and University so that children may reside there to complete their education in Australia.
  2. Permanent Residency – Many of our clients are seeking permanent residency in Australia for the future. Owning a property in Australia helps establish financial viability and earns points towards approval of an application.
  3. Low prices and strong investment returns – Australian property prices are relatively low with low vacancy rates and strong rental returns in the order of 5 – 6%.
  4. Weekend base – A secure base to visit regularly in Australia for business and social activities, medical services, shopping facilities and visiting family and friends.

As a foreign investor, you’re welcome to invest in new property in Australia. The Australian Government’s Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) website the definition of new property is a new dwelling/s acquired ‘off the plan’ (before construction commences or during the construction phase) or after construction is complete are normally approved provided it has not previously been sold (the property is purchased directly from the developer.) This means you cannot buy a property that has been lived in previously.

To view our foreign investor handbook, click here or for further information on Foreign Investment please refer to the Australian Government website.
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