Owner responsibilities

We’re focused on providing safe and quality homes for our tenants.

Owners have a duty to guarantee the safety of rented property and its contents. Of utmost importance is that no injury or damage is caused to the tenants, neighbours or public as a direct result of the landlord neglecting his/her responsibilities.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Maintaining the structure and exterior of the house
  2. Ensuring all ‘installations’ are working, such as gas, electricity and heating
  3. Installation and appliance maintenance and safety. Please note: only applies to landlord-owned appliances
  4. Treat potentially health-threatening issues such as rising damp
  5. Anything else that’s stipulated in the tenancy agreement

According to Queensland’s Residential Tenancies Authority, the landlord’s responsibilities include ensuring that the premises are fit to live in and in a good state of repair. Security must also be of a reasonable standard, with a key to each lock provided to the tenant. When tenancy is assumed, no other person or their property should be on the premises. Landlords must also take care not to interfere with the tenant’s peace or use of the property – if they do need to enter the property, advance written notice must be given.

For more information visit the Queensland RTA website.
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