Property Management

Our property management service helps you maximise your returns and minimize your property costs

Cayman Properties was created by experienced property investors focused on generating optimum investment results. We take the hassle out of property management and give you peace of mind that your property is managed to its full potential so you can relax and enjoy the rewards of owning investment property.

We’re passionate about creating a service that will support your aspirations for a strategic portfolio of investment properties that will provide you with strong investment returns across all areas.

What landlords can expect from our property management team:

  1. Maximise returns and minimise costs
  2. Accountability and transparency of your rental income
  3. Scheduling of maintenance with highly skilled property maintenance service
  4. Inspections prior to the commencement & at the end of tenancy including a detailed condition report
  5. Quarterly property inspections while tenanted with a detailed condition report
  6. Minimise your vacancies and help rent your property faster
  7. We interview and select the best possible tenants to look after your valuable asset
  8. We will respond promptly to your queries within 24 hours
  9. Our people are handpicked for their dedication to customer service.
Key factors to successful property investment are:

  1. Meticulous tenant selection
  2. Timely & efficient communication
  3. Successful marketing
  4. Rent arrears management
  5. Cash flow management
  6. Regular inspections & maintenance
  7. Clear financial reporting
  8. Expert lease negotiation

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